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Meet & Close provides a pathway for CEOs and VPs of Sales to seamlessly navigate international business expansion, offering a comprehensive range of services from expert meeting coordination to adept cultural negotiation strategies.

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Crafting Success Across Borders for CEOs and Sales Leaders

Meet & Close is designed for CEOs and VPs of Sales aiming to broaden their international reach. It offers a comprehensive suite of services, from expert meeting coordination to adept cultural negotiation strategies, facilitating a smooth journey into global markets.


Best Features That Make
Everything Easy

In addition to virtual meeting scheduling and coordination, we offer streamlined international meeting management, cultural communication expertise, and effortless travel logistics.

Global Meeting Managament

We orchestrate international meetings.

Meet & Close expertly handles your international meeting arrangements, ensuring efficient and productive global engagements.

Communication Excellence

Enhance global interactions with cultural expertise.

Our team's linguistic skills and cultural insights enhance every interaction, fostering effective global business relationships.

Seamless Travel Logistics

Simplify international travel arrangements.

Meet & Close provides comprehensive travel support, simplifying logistics for stress-free international business trips

Our four-step process is transparent & streamlined for ease and clarity


Seamless Journey from Engagement to Closure

Meet & Close excels in guiding your team from the initial engagement of leads to the successful scheduling of meetings, ensuring a smooth progression towards deal closure. We provide comprehensive support at every step, enabling your closers to seal deals with efficiency and finesse.

Smart Local Assistants to help

This service offers the recruitment of skilled local assistants, providing invaluable on-the-ground support tailored to your business needs in international markets. These local experts facilitate smoother operations, ensuring a more integrated and efficient experience in new territories.


Featured Specialists from Our Extensive Global Network

Among over 1000 skilled local assistants, these featured experts exemplify the diverse talent and regional expertise available to support your international business expansion.


Meet&Close is a division of Mokhtar Group Corporation, a Los Angeles company since 2017. Meet&Close specializes in international meeting coordination.

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